An Owner’s Guide to Naturally Wavy Hair

So you won the hair lottery and are blessed with naturally wavy hair, congratulations! You get the best of both worlds! Want to wear your hair straight? You can! Want to wear it curly? You can! Both styles can happen with minimal effort thanks to your hair’s natural shape. We know that you still have issues to deal with and that life isn’t always a beach (although your hair looks like it is with that beach wave) so we’ve got some tips for you to try.

Wavy hair is known as Type 2 and it’s shaped like a cortex meaning the fibers are oval-shaped and they twist slightly upon the other follicle. There are three types of Type 2’s: Type 2A is wavy hair that’s fine or thin, Type 2B is medium wavy hair and finally Type 2C is coarse wavy hair.

If you have wavy hair you probably already know that while it’s easy to style, it can often fall flat or get frizzy but thankfully we have ways to counteract both problems.

Fluffing Flatness
To counteract your hair’s natural tendency to fall flat, use volumizing spray at the top of your scalp and do a quick blow-dry just at the roots. The best way to do this is by flipping your head over or leaning it to the side while drying with a bell-shaped diffuser. The diffuser is the critical part here! It’s going to help fight frizz which we’ll talk more about later.

You can also try to play up your texture by applying mousse. Today’s formulas are anything but crunchy so you’ll end up with flexible hair that’s soft and defined.

Fighting Frizz
The other issue that natural wavy hair faces is that of frizz and the best time to fight it is while you’re drying your hair. Before you start to dry your hair, apply a leave-in hair conditioner that has argan or coconut oil in it. Then make sure that you’re using a good hair dryer that has a bell-shaped diffuser on it. This crucial attachment is going to spread out the airflow so you’ll get a gentler blow-dry with little frizz. Finally, use a brush to blow-dry your hair. It’s the key to getting a smooth and shiny blowout!

Things to Remember
Wavy hair truly is the best texture that you could wind up with, so appreciate those mermaid locks! If the biggest problem you have is trying to decide if you want to go curlier or sleeker, you’re in good shape. Make sure that you keep your hair hydrated no matter what you do as wavy hair can tend to get dry from over-styling and brushing. Basically, take care of your naturally wavy hair and it will more than take care of you! Carry on with your gorgeous self!